Inward Connections
  EQP2 2 Band Parametric Equalizer

Inward Connections EQP2 2 Band Parametric Equalizer

The EQP2 is a versatile fully parametric 2-band equalizer utilizing the legendary SPA690 discrete amp blocks. Capable of 20db of boost/cut per band, this all discrete design will offer smooth equalization from subtle to extreme.

Features include:

  • Low band frequency range 35Hz to 1KHz
  • High band frequency range 560Hz to 16KHz
  • Maximum boost/cut +/- 20dB
  • Range of bandwidth adjustment 0.16 to 2.0 octave
  • Bypass switch
  • SPA690 all discrete legendary amp blocks
  • Differential balance input transformer less
  • Balance output transformer
  • Fits standard 500 series slot configuration mechanically and electrically
  • Input Impedance >100K ohms balance
  • Output Impedance 600 ohms balance
  • Frequency Response +/- 0.5dB@20Hz to 50KHz
  • Output Signal to Noise -95dB or greater
  • THD + Noise .01%@1KHz/+4dBu

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Christopher Portugal

"Though there are many EQ’s available for the 500 series format, the Inward EQP2 is one of the first real departures from the typical designs available for the format. They go hand in hand with fixed frequency point designs but offer so much more in terms of surgical eq’ing, all the while dripping with flavor; they are reminiscent of V series Neve eq’s but the don’t crap out. The parallel filters are unique in design and the difference is immediately noticeable. With two overlapping, fully sweepable frequencies and cut and boosts beyond 20 db’s, these eq’s pack an indispensable punch in any 500 rack and perfectly complement the 550s when tracking and mixing. In my experience, they really excel on bass and kick drums, with the ability to turn a feeble signal into a walloping, tightly focused track that sits perfectly in a mix. I have had great success boosting on drums boosting at frequencies I would normally shy away from, such as 40 Hz –the result has made these eq’s an absolute necessity for me. They are, without a doubt, the best sweepable frequency eq I have ever used."

Christopher “Thes One” Portugal
Piecelock70A Studios, PUTS, Los Angeles

Collin Dupois

"This EQ really shines and sounds wonderful. It's like having a Lang and a GML in one unit. It has all the surgical focus of the GML but a nice color in the vain of the Lang and Pultec EQ's. The Q can go from Extremely Narrow to really Wide. I use it on all productions and mixes that I work on. I have yet to find a moment when it does not sound great! I use it on Sub Groups and individual sources and even on the whole Mix.

I love how I can focus on the sub frequency range of a Kick or Bass Source such as Bass Synthesizer, adding just the right amount of a frequency to make the sub range jump out on a Dance Mix.

It also really works great for boosting a nice and wide range in the mid frequencies of source such as Guitar and or Keys. This EQ makes it really easy to find just the right spot to make the notes of that source stick out in the mix, or it makes it really easy to carve out a range to make other sounds fit around it, such as taking out resonances in a source in the low frequency range, allowing for things to really blend.

The EQP-2 also has a really gentle break up when it is boosted to real extremes; it doesn't make a nasty clipping sound when it is hitting its saturation point. So it is really great for just getting it to that point of break up and adding a little saturation to a source."
Collin Dupois

Collin Dupuis has worked as an audio engineer for the last 12 years recording and mixing a wide range of music from Post Punk & Rock to Hip-hop & Electronic. Some of the artists he has worked with include Erase Errrata, Matthew Dear, Pharoahe Monch, Mr. Porter, Snoop Dog, Tribe (Marcus Belgrave, Wendall Harrison, Phil Ranelin, Doug Hammond), Karriem Riggins, Amp Fiddler, and Carl Craig to name a few.

For the past 4 years, Collin has worked with Detroit Producer Carl Craig as an engineer and production assistant. Doing many remixes for multiple artist's including the remix of Jr. Boy's track, "Like a Child", that got nominated for a Grammy in 2007. He also is currently playing drums, writing, recording and co-procducing in a band called Zoos of Berlin, recently released their full length the summer of 2009.